New version 6.2

Version 6.2 of the TELEMAC system is now available. Here is a preview of the novelties of this important new release:

  • Tidal boundary conditions have been extended to Telemac-3D, and to model TPXO.
  • Open boundary conditions with Thompson method has been extended to Telemac-3D.
  • A full port-folio of test-cases for Artemis.
  • New possibilities of boundary conditions in Sisyphe, and improved mass-balance information, plus a new concept for sediment layers.
  • A more efficient module for the method of characteristics in parallel.
  • In Telemac-2D: tracer decay, culverts and weirs simplified, breaches now available, new finite volumes algorithms, rain and evaporation, Okada model for generating tsunamis...

All test cases have been sucessfully run on several platforms: Windows, Linux, Unix, and with several compilers: Intel, gfortran, g95, Nag, HP, etc.

The Python scripts have been largely extended.

You may also refer to the feature log page to have more insight on the novelties.

Last but not least: the 1D MASCARET is now also available for download on this site. The two codes will be fully merged on the SVN repository by the next release. Issues, feedback and suggestions can be discussed in the MASCARET forum.

We thank all the developers who contributed developments, all users who made constructive remarks, and we hope you will enjoy this new version.

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