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Fudaa-Mascaret v3.1.9 available

Version 3.1.9 of Mascaret with the Fudaa user interface is now available for download.

Here are some of the new features and bug corrections:

  • Update of the Java compatibility (older versions were compatible with Java 1.6, now Java 1.7 is the minimum required)
  • Update of the calculation engine (API improvements and bug correction in the Tracer module)
  • 100% compatible GNU/Linux
  • Bug correction for reading Rubens file format on a 64-bit architecture
  • Pre-processing improvements (laws import is automated during the .cas file import, possibility to visualise upstream and downstream cross sections as overlay in the cross section editor)
  • Post-processing improvements (animation of water level on a section with possibility to record videos, possibility to modify the time scale)

The new version can be downloaded in the installation download area.

Version v6p3 released

The v6p3 version is officially released today.

New functionalities

Some of the key new features of this version are:

  • Internal coupling waves-currents and sediment transport;
  • TOMAWAC is now fully compatible with parallel processing;
  • Drogues or floating bodies now work in parallel in TELEMAC-2D and 3D.

Many other new features are available, for the full set of changes since v6p2 see the feature log.

New module

The new DREDGESIM module (now called NESTOR) has been integrated in the system. DREGESIM has been developed by the University of the German Federal Armed Forces in Munich on behalf of BAW, and as its name indicates, is used for modelling of dredging.
A description of all available modules is provided on this page.

Automatic installer

In order to help with the installation of the system, we have created an automatic installer for Windows that will install the TELEMAC system and all the other required software (compiler, python, svn...), and configure the whole. The installer now automatically installs the system in parralel. A version for Linux is planned for the future


New code structure

We have modified the structure of the former TELEMAC system to help with the coming merge with the MASCARET system. It also follows structures of other known open source software, and makes the tree more logical and easier to understand. You can find details on the TELEMAC source code structure on the source code wiki page.

Updated release policy

Rather than only creating a yearly tag "v6p3" (read-only snapshot of the development trunk), we have created a branch called "v6p3", which allows us to fix bugs over its life span (if there are any). As a result, the branch "v6p3" is a moving target.

For users who need a fixed release, particularly for quality control procedures in consultancy studies, we will also be creating tags "v6p3r0" (release 0), "v6p3r1" (release 1) etc., to keep up with the branch "v6p3". These tags will be created on a monthly basis or as necessary depending on the number of changes made to the branch "v6p3". Finally, you will note that the first (v6p3r0) was release early August and that following the feedback of a few enthusiasts, we have now created v6p3r1. This tag is our stable version for v6p3.  

New version 6.2

Version 6.2 of the TELEMAC system is now available. Here is a preview of the novelties of this important new release:

  • Tidal boundary conditions have been extended to Telemac-3D, and to model TPXO.
  • Open boundary conditions with Thompson method has been extended to Telemac-3D.
  • A full port-folio of test-cases for Artemis.
  • New possibilities of boundary conditions in Sisyphe, and improved mass-balance information, plus a new concept for sediment layers.
  • A more efficient module for the method of characteristics in parallel.
  • In Telemac-2D: tracer decay, culverts and weirs simplified, breaches now available, new finite volumes algorithms, rain and evaporation, Okada model for generating tsunamis...

All test cases have been sucessfully run on several platforms: Windows, Linux, Unix, and with several compilers: Intel, gfortran, g95, Nag, HP, etc.

The Python scripts have been largely extended.

You may also refer to the feature log page to have more insight on the novelties.

Last but not least: the 1D MASCARET is now also available for download on this site. The two codes will be fully merged on the SVN repository by the next release. Issues, feedback and suggestions can be discussed in the MASCARET forum.

We thank all the developers who contributed developments, all users who made constructive remarks, and we hope you will enjoy this new version.

The summer will be hot

Several exiting developments will take place this summer on

Firstly, the underlying website software will be updated to a more modern version. This will allow us to propose many more functionalities in the future. It will also be the opportunity to modernise the website look and feel, and make key information more readily available. We will try to minimise the disruption to the website, but it is likely that the forum will be shutdown during a short period (plenty of warning will be given).

The summer will also be the time of the new release of TELEMAC: version 6.2. As usual this will come with new functionalities and validation cases, but also for the first time a 1D surface model will be included: MASCARET. The suite of solvers will therefore be called TELEMAC-MASCARET. You will be able to learn more about MASCARET during the user conference in October.

Even more developments are planned later in the year, this will be detailed in due course. Stay tuned.

The new Telemac 6.1 version, including Telemac-3D, is available

Among many new interesting features, here is a list of novelties in version 6.1:

  • Internal coupling between Telemac-2D or 3D and Tomawac
  • Bed roughness prediction by Sisyphe for Telemac-2D
  • A tidal model around France for boundary conditions in Telemac-2D
  • Updated Finite Volume options in Telemac-2D
  • Thompson boundary conditions now work in parallel in Telemac-2D
  • New tidal flats version of advection schemes, now independent of numbering (for Sisyphe, Telemac-2D and 3D)


Read more: The new Telemac 6.1 version, including Telemac-3D, is available

Version 6.0 - The first open source version, following a long history

The software suite TELEMAC, dedicated to free surface flows, has seen a growing success since 1993 and has been widely distributed throughout the world, with more than 200 licences and several hundreds of users.

TELEMAC is used at EDF for dimensioning and impact studies, where safety is prevailing and, for this reason, reliability, validation and a worldwide recognition of our tools are of utmost importance. To meet these goals, and to improve access to TELEMAC for our partners, consultants, and to the whole community of researchers, EDF R&D has decided to move to freeware and open source.

Read more: Version 6.0 - The first open source version, following a long history

Version 5.9 available

Version 5.9 available

December 2009

The free version 5.9 of the TELEMAC system is available.

The open TELEMAC-MASCARET template for Joomla!2.5, the HTML 4 version.